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Intervista a Frederik Spindler: imprevedibili mondi pietrificati

Nuova intervista inedita per i lettori di "Agathaumas" (vedi interview to Boban Filipović, 2010). In occasione di questo Darwin Day , ho il piacere di introdurvi alle opere del paleoillustratore tedesco Frederik Spindler, che mi ha gentilmente concesso questa veloce intervista. Ho sempre trovato di grande fascino le sue ricostruzioni: un "bestiario" paleoartistico, capace di trasmettere un notevole realismo naturalistico.

Vi invito alla visita della galleria ufficiale, ben più ricca e rappresentativa!

general information about yourself: "This is Frederik Spindler, paleontologist and science illustrator from Freiberg, Germany. I've been drawing dinosaurs at least since being a four-year-old. Later I studied paleontology. While drawing sketches for myself, I also increased working for collegues. Now I'm a freelance illustrator, but still doing research." 

Frederik Spindler (2011) - Embolotherium andrewsi, Megacerops (Brontotherium) gigas, Rhinotitan mongoliensis, Protitan grangeri, Palaeosyops leidyi, Sthenodectes incisivum VISITA LA GALLERIA

Projects, skills and techniques: "My major projects are for science or popular science, from documentary graphics to life reconstructions. I do drawings as well as painting or digital art. I like the great variety of my jobs, reaching from experiment instructions to full dinosaur scenes. The most and dearest for me are single life restorations of tetrapods."
Frederik Spindler (2011), Seymouria & Dimetrodon

favorite illustrators/visual artists or artworks: I especially like (and sometimes one might see it): Doug Henderson and James Gurney. As well as many others. 

Frederik Spindler (2011), Permian pond environment / Onchiodon

some personal thoughts on "paleoart": "Worser than all the trash are people paying for it. But all in all, paleo art must be fun. ... The flood of details and digital painting sometimes looks like a stressful chase to me. Realism, which is the duty, is not a question of details at first, but of the rough conception. ... But the future of paleo-art will be an exciting safari!" 

Frederik Spindler (2011), paleo globes

Taxa/subjects of Interest: "Former interests for my part have been theropods and all kinds of synapsids. Usually I become attached to any taxon I look closer." 

Frederik Spindler (2010), Lissodus

Personal aphorism: Somebody once called my artwork "off the beaten path", which is my motto now. But despite experimentation, the mission is "plausible fiction!" 

Frederik Spindler (2003), Amargasaurus
Un ironico decalogo (2011) per chi ricostruisce dinosauri mesozoici... in modo standardizzato.

Frederik Spindler (2009), Triassic lake ecosystem / da Fischer, J., Voigt, S., Schneider, J.W., Buchwitz, M. & Voigt, S. (2011): A selachian freshwater fauna from the Triassic of Kyrgyzstan and its implicatiosn for mesozoic shark nurseries. - J. Vert. Pal. 31 (5): 937-953.

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Semplice ed efficace. Frederik Spindler è per me uno dei più originali paleoillustratori sulla piazza. I suoi bianco e nero li trovo estremamente evocativi e anche questo nuovo stile è molto personale e lo trovo molto accattivante.

Davide Bonadonna