giovedì 21 luglio 2011


Human-like external function of the foot, and fully upright gait, confirmed in the 3.66 million year old Laetoli hominin footprints by topographic statistics, experimental footprint-formation and computer simulation Robin H. Crompton, Todd C. Pataky, Russell Savage, Kristiaan D'Août, Matthew R. Bennett, Michael H. Day, Karl Bates, Sarita Morse, William I. Sellers (Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2011).




David A. Raichlen, Adam D. Gordon, William E. H. Harcourt-Smith, Adam D. Foster, Wm. Randall Haas, Jr (2010). "Laetoli Footprints Preserve Earliest Direct Evidence of Human-Like Bipedal Biomechanics". PLoS ONE 5 (3): e9769.


BBC "Walking With Beasts"


Australopithecus afarensis - Daren Horley, Jeremy Hunt  & Nigel Booth , 2001

Frammento di un documentario (in italiano) le cui immagini sembrano avere richiami vagamente kubrickiani!

Jay Matternes

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